Monthly Archives: March 2008

A special moment in the bush

 “I would like to see a pangolin” was the request of a pax I accompanied last year! As so often happens, while the Ranger drives from the landing strip to the Lodge, the group are asked what game they would really want to see.   On this occasion I could read […]

Welgemeend Harvest Festival

Welgemeend Wine Estate is holding it’s first Harvest Festival on Saturday 5 April 2008, from 10h00  - 14h00. Relax with the beautiful view of the Simonsberg as you sample classic French-styled red wines.  This occasion also marks the official release of the 2002 & 2003 vintages.There will be various wine related items on […]

Wine Specialist Guides

The very word specialist conjures up images of an Einstein-type character who is able to rattle off Latin names, impress with statistics and know just about everything associated with his or her area of specialism.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case where wine is concerned.  I can remember years […]

Freighting of wine

Wine Sales in South Africa have been affected by aviation laws that limit and restrict items carried on board aircrafts. Rules restricting the amount of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels that passengers are allowed to take on board in their hand luggage are collectively referred to as LAG’s.  These rules took effect in […]

The Colour Red

How do we get the colour red in our wine?   Well to begin with  most red grape varietals reveal a transparent, water-like colour once pressed.  The deep, red and purple colours we associate with red wine are achieved through skin contact with the must or juice.  This is an important part of […]

Wine Service Course Offered

The Cape Wine Academy Wine Service Course is facilitated by Catherine Dillon of Wanderer Wines.  The course is aimed at members of the hospitality industry with focus on service delivery and product knowledge.  Catherine lectures for the Cape Wine Academy from Intro through to Diploma level and including Front of […]