Catherine Dillon CWM

Keep it real – no ice in wine

I am a fan of Windhoek beer and love their adverts encouraging people to keep it real.  Apart from avoiding air punching, fanciful cocktails and bright coloured G-strings, their promise is to keep their product natural and free from additives. I have noticed a swing in wine tourism of late, […]

Keeping It Cool

Right now daytime temperatures in areas close to our Cape coastline average around 26°, so imagine what those temps are like further inland.  The question then begs, is it necessary to have a wine fridge or professional cellar or is that taking your love of wine too far?  The most important reason one would […]

Wine Accessories for 2010

Platter’s South African Wines 2010 An essential companion on any wine tour and invaluable in terms of “last minute” changes to any winelands tour itinerary.  Available from supermarkets, specialist wine shops such as Caroline’s Fine Wine, Hugh Johnson, Vineyard Connection and retailing between R133 – R149.95. Pulltex Wine Saver and […]

Gifts from the Winelands

La Petite Ferme restaurant in Franschhoek is a landmark, offering sweeping views of the valley below and an outstanding and varied menu.  If you have not yet visited, do feel you have missed out!  A great gift idea is the La Petite Ferme Country Cuisine cookbook – the second book released […]

That Was Then…

“Modern diners have practically dispensed with the old custom of serving a different wine with each course.  To-day the fashion varies.  In some houses it is customary to serve a glass of dry sherry with the soup and to follow it with either white or red wine.   Strictly speaking, white […]

Jordan Opens Restaurant Doors

On Saturday 21 November, Jordan launched their brand-new restaurant at their Summer Festival event.  Now as a rule I  do not visit newly opened restaurants until after a month or so, to allow for inevitable teething problems.  However, the combination of Gary and Kathy Jordan with George Jardine sealed the deal and […]

Red Wine, Rock Art & Rooibos

Last Friday we traded city life for tranquil Clanwilliam and surrounding areas.  It seems we left at the right time with the cold front approaching Cape Town as the drive along the N7 was frought with heavy downpours and kamakazi drivers. Upon arrival the rain gave way to semi-cleared skies and crisp winter […]