Catherine Dillon CWM

Vineyard Hotel Gourmet Wine Events

The Vineyard Hotel, Claremont offers fabulous wine evenings which include a four or five course meal, with particular emphasis on food and wine pairing. The next wine evening is on the 4 June and the theme is Chenin blanc, hosted by Ken Forrester and Bruwer Raats.  Bookings are advisable as these […]


Carmine Bee-eater

Birding and wine tasting

Understanding wine calls for various skills and practise.   So too with birding . A beginner birder is quick to announce the species based on first sighting, whilst  an experienced birder cautiously weighs up all options.  He will consider the colour of plumage and barring, the colour, size and shape of beak; the […]

Addo – more than just elephants.

Addo Elephant park is located 85km’s north of Port Elizabeth and offers a wide spectrum of accommodation, from guesthouse to cottage and then safari tent experience.  In addition to the national park offering, there are private lodges like Gorah Elephant, River Bend which cater to those who want to be […]

Addo Feb 2010 060

SA wine industry – 20 Years on

On the 11 February we will celebrate the anniversary of Mr Mandela’s release from imprisonment.  A question often asked of me is “have you seen real change in South Africa?” There is no single answer to this popular question, because there is so much to give thanks for.  However in terms of […]

Wine lake woes

It is no secret that there has been an over-supply of wine throughout the world for several years now.  On an almost daily basis we read or hear about yet another winery closing doors or going into receivership.  Irrespective of your nationality, it hurts.   The latest casualty from Australia is Coonawarra’s largest […]

Jam Jar 2

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz 2009

  Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz 2009 has been released in South Africa this week and we decided to see just how jammy this wine could be.  The wine was created for Cape Classics, New York, by winemaker Bruwer Raats,with grapes sourced from Paarl.  The wine has done extremely well in the USA, primarily due to the […]

Smoking barrels

At first glance a newcomer to wine might assume that all barrels are the same and serve the same function.  So why do we put wine into barrels in the first place? Wood has chemical compounds responsible for various aromas and flavours we experience in the wineglass.  Sweet, vanilla tones […]



Best of Wine Tourism winners 2010

Robertson Wine Valley:  Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences Cloof Wines:  Sustainable Wine tourism Practices Waterford Wine Estate:  Wine Tourism Services Vergelegen Wines:  Art and Culture Grand Provence Heritage Estate:   Architecture, Parks and Gardens Rust en Vrede Restaurant:  Wine Tourism Restaurants Devon Valley Hotel:  Accommodation