Catherine Dillon CWM

Cape Town to Seattle

Leaving Cape Town in the rain on Sunday prepared my arrival in Seattle on Monday afternoon – grey, drizzly, but strangely familiar – reminiscent of time spent in London.  My flight via Paris was good overall, but lets face it there is no short way of getting to the States so the jet-lag […]


Wine education in Port Alfred

I spent the past three days in the sleepy town of Port Alfred, located an hour and a half from Port Elizabeth.  Before last week, I had no idea that an educational institution existed in the town.  Stenden South Africa is a satellite campus of Stenden in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and is the only tertiary institution […]

Stenden South Africa

Delivering on service….

I don’t know if it is just me, but for the past two weeks the topic of service delivery has cropped up in various social situations I have been in.  I had a particularly bad experience last Thursday with sloppy service from start to finish.  Within the tourism industry, which I have […]

Cloud bank over the Constantia Wine Valley as seen from Ou Kaapse Weg.

Wine in the deep south…

Internet is fast and convenient, but it does take the fun out of exploration.   We pay bills, order goods and even communicate without having to leave our homes. With this insight I decided to drive further south this morning, taking Ou Kaapse Weg to make my way to Longbeach Mall.  My mission:  […]

Tuscan Wine Region 2

In May I took a break to Tuscany and have had itchy feet ever since.  Apart from the beautiful landscape, delicious wines and food, I found the locals to be friendly, helpful and constantly smiling .  Italy is an Old World wine producer with examples of traditionalist and modernist wines in abundance.  One quickly […]

San Gimignano