Monthly Archives: March 2010

Baboons gobble grapes in South African wine region

Baboons, it seems, prefer pinot noir. They also like a nice chardonnay. Largely undeterred by electric fences, hundreds of wild baboons in South Africa’s prized wine country are finding the vineyards of ripe, succulent grapes to be an “absolute bonanza,” said Justin O’Riain of the University of Cape Town. Winemakers […]


International Year of Biodiversity

27 – 28 March, Kirstenbosch The year 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity and Conservation. The Biodiversity Expo 2010 was designed to address the failure of many South Africans to recognise the true value of biodiversity. The Expo serves as a communication and education tool to reach those South Africans […]

Birding and wine tasting

Understanding wine calls for various skills and practise.   So too with birding . A beginner birder is quick to announce the species based on first sighting, whilst  an experienced birder cautiously weighs up all options.  He will consider the colour of plumage and barring, the colour, size and shape of beak; the […]

Carmine Bee-eater