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That Was Then…

“Modern diners have practically dispensed with the old custom of serving a different wine with each course.  To-day the fashion varies.  In some houses it is customary to serve a glass of dry sherry with the soup and to follow it with either white or red wine.   Strictly speaking, white […]

Jordan Opens Restaurant Doors

On Saturday 21 November, Jordan launched their brand-new restaurant at their Summer Festival event.  Now as a rule I  do not visit newly opened restaurants until after a month or so, to allow for inevitable teething problems.  However, the combination of Gary and Kathy Jordan with George Jardine sealed the deal and […]

Jordan Summer Festival 2009

  SATURDAY 21 November It’s about that time of year when Stellenbosch and the summer season is infused with a sublime blend of wine, dining, social endeavours and a pleasant memory of Jordan Wine Estate. Join us for our open day filled with fun, culture and sports! Activities available at the festival […]